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Why Bunion Surgery Might Be Right for You

It’s best to start this post by saying that we always hope all of our patients can be treated successfully with nonsurgical methods. Fortunately, we are able to use conservative care to effectively address a wide range of conditions for our patients. That being said, surgery sometimes is a necessary option, and this can be the case for bunions. Let’s take a look at this in case you are wondering “do I need bunion surgery?”Painful Bunion

In order to determine if bunion surgery is right for you, it’s important to consider a couple of different factors. First, we want to ensure that conservative treatment methods have been adequately explored beforehand. If you are able to find sufficient relief with options like orthotics or bunion pads, then there is no need for a bunion surgery.

Individuals who are diabetic might not wish to risk the post-surgery complications that can arise from any surgery, but this is a matter we would discuss together. Other individuals who may wish to stay with conservative approaches include children, athletes, and those afflicted with other health issues.

You will know it is time to consider bunion surgery when:

  • The bunion causes severe, persistent pain.
  • You have limitation or restrictions on normal, daily activities – like simply walking.
  • You cannot wear reasonable shoes without pain.
  • You are unable to straighten or bend the affected big toe.
  • The big toe has constant swelling.

No matter if you are a new patient, or have been coming to see us for years, we always provide the effective care and treatment you need for any foot or ankle problem causing pain or taking away your ability to perform favorite activities. Your first step, though, is to contact our Bloomington, IN podiatrist office. Simply give us a call at (812) 333-4422 or connect with us online today.

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