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Working Your Feet Back to Running Shape

We get it. Sometimes life happens and well-made plans fall through. You might have been getting well into a regular running routine, but then new responsibilities came up or an injury sidelined you for some time. Now you’re committed to getting back to business, but trying to dive back in at the same rate you left off can be disappointing at best and harmful at worst.

The best route for getting back into running after an absence—especially if you recovered from an injury—is to temper your expectations and start things off slowly. Your body needs to recondition itself back toward the performance levels you last left off at. Push too hard right off the gate and you risk injuring or re-injuring yourself.

The “10 Percent Rule” is a good one to abide by when it comes to raising your intensity. Start off easy, with comfortable running on flat, simple terrain, to start rebuilding strength and endurance. Every week, make things a bit more difficult and increase your workout by no more than 10 percent to give your body time to adjust. Don’t be afraid to add walk breaks within your runs while starting out, either.

If you need help getting motivated again, habits are key. Try setting your runs for the same time or at least having the same pre-run routine before starting, to let your body know it’s time to go.

Dr. Kevin Powers helps athletes recover from foot and ankle injuries and safely back to doing what they love. If you need help, look no further than our Bloomington office. Call us at (812) 333-4422 and we’ll be happy to set up an appointment with you.

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