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Keep Calm and Prevent Stress Fractures

Yes, we know that the “Keep Calm” meme has been overused by now. You can find fake posters telling you to keep calm while doing everything from eating chocolate to killing zombies. But when we say to keep calm to prevent stress fractures, we’re actually providing some real advice. The...
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Paging Sir Jones: The Story of the Jones Fracture

Sometimes history will remember your name for being a great leader or a creative genius. Other times history will remember your name because you hurt yourself dancing. Such is the case of Sir Robert Jones, a British orthopedic surgeon who discovered a distinct injury that bears his name:...
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Our patients know they can always come to our Bloomington, IN podiatrist office to receive first-class foot and ankle care when issues arise. We love providing treatment to help fellow community members overcome painful or debilitating problems, but these are not the only services we offer! In addition to...
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Recovering from a Foot Fracture

A broken foot is certainly not one of the best things to happen during a busy summer. You likely won’t be marching in the 4th of July Parade—or likely not without crutches, at least—and hitting water slides will definitely need to go on hiatus for a bit. Recovering from...
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Not all Fractures are the Same

Did you hear the breaking news that breaks down the details of the latest celebrity break-up? It seems like such a simple word, but “break” and its variations have come to take on many forms and connotations in our language. Even a broken bone is not always a simple...
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Protecting Fast Feet on the Soccer Field

Bloomington has a healthy soccer scene, with players of all ages and skill levels able to learn the sport and join leagues at Twin Lakes Recreation Center. While soccer can be great fun, its nature can leave a player susceptible to injuries to the ankles, feet, and toes....
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Keeping Feet Safe on the Baseball Diamond

Whether you swing for the Hoosiers, run the bases with Smithville Diamonds Little League, or have your own friendly park league, baseball still remains loved by all ages. No matter the level of your play, taking some precautions to avoid sports injuries to your feet and ankles can...
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Why the Achilles Tendon is a Weak Spot

You might know the myth of Achilles, a character who was invincible save for one spot on his body: the heel. Naming a tendon in the same area after the fallen warrior doesn’t really provide the most confidence in it, does it. With all the stress it can endure...
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Identifying Hazards of the Heel

The back often isn’t pegged as the best place to reside. For example, given a choice, you’d rather be at the front of the lines for Food Truck Fridays than the back! Our heels don’t really get to choose their places in the feet, of course, but they don’t...
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Midfoot Maladies: Between the Toes and the Heel

Sometimes, the things that lie in-between don’t get as much attention as they deserve. Middle children will probably agree with us whole-heartedly here. When it comes to the feet, the toes are well taken care of and the many, many complaints of the heel also tend to get plenty...
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