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Foot Deformities Archives - Kevin J. Powers, DPM

Pronation Problems

As with any field or specialty, podiatry has its own unique lexicon, and one of our goals is to help you understand and become familiar with terms like “pronation,” “gait,” and “biomechanical process.”

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Flatfoot Surgery is Nothing to Fear!

When you see us for a foot or ankle problem, it is always our goal to resolve it for you with nonsurgical care. In some cases, we recommend surgery, but only when other options haven’t provided the results you hope to see. If we are recommending flatfoot surgery,...
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Identifying Foot Arch Issues

If you don’t have any issues with your feet, they simply do their job. However, understanding foot components and the roles they play—like when you spend time identifying your arch type—is useful for determining your risk factor for potential foot arch issues. As we look at identifying foot arch issues,...
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Things That Go Bump On Your Foot

There are certainly many people who enjoy the Halloween holiday and get a kick out of those “things that go bump in the night.” Now, when you develop an abnormal bump on your foot, it can seem to be a scary situation. Knowing what is happening, though, can illuminate...
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What You Can Do to Shrink Your Cyst

It’s time for Bloomington to get ready for Halloween! After getting in the mood with the Festival of Ghost Stories Oct. 30, you can go out with your little ones on Oct. 31 to bring home a candy haul. If you’ve developed a bump on your foot that isn’t...
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How to Tell if Your Lump is a Cyst

Sometimes what looks like a common object can be something unexpected. What looks like a plain vest, for example, can help hearing-impaired people understand words. This invention and many other cutting edge materials will be the showcase of “Real Life Science” Materials Science” at WonderLab on Oct. 25. If...
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Causes of Foot Drop: Why Your Feet Are Flopping

Potential Causes of Foot DropIn just a couple of months we will be thinking about everything Christmas-related. In fact, it won’t be too long before the shelves in stores are stocked with red...
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Ganglion Cysts: Identify the Bump and What To Do

If you have ever been in traffic due to construction, your frustrations are often dismissed when you are once again able to drive over a smooth road without the kind of bumps that make your teeth chatter. Lumps and bumps can be annoying but when one appears somewhere in...
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Ganglion Cyst Causes: Behind the Lumps and Bumps

Lumps and bumps are generally annoyances that we have to deal with. Feeling your teeth chatter as you drive down a bumpy road or a sore back after a night on a lumpy mattress can’t always be avoided. Seeing a lump or bump on your body, however, can be...
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