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Don’t Get Callous over Calluses

Time for a quick English lesson—wait, don’t go! It’ll be fun! You might have heard people say not to “get callous” over something. Does that mean not to grow a nasty, thick patch of skin? Not quite. That’s a callus. See the difference? “Callous”—with an “o”—is a related word to...
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Hey, Lovebirds: Here’s How to Give a Good Foot Massage

It’s not always easy to know what will make a big impact on your loved one for Valentine’s Day. Flowers? A stuffed animal? A five-course dinner at Feast Market & Cellar? Well here’s a suggestion: have you considered a night in that includes a deluxe foot massage? While gifts are...
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Are Socks So Simple? What to Look For

When it came to learning the ways of the world, socks were one of the things most of us got the hang of early. Pull them on all the way so they don’t flop around and make sure to avoid holes (or at least not wear them when company...
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Making a Custom Orthotic

Are you ready to go eagle spotting? The annual Eagle Watch Weekend is upon us, held at Fourwinds Lakeside Inn & Marina from Jan. 29th-31st. Head out to some “hot spots” and search for an elusive bald eagle. If a solution for your foot pain has been eluding you,...
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What Orthotics Can and Can’t Do

You’ve probably come across them more than once: the “as seen on TV” products that make sweeping claims of marvelous feats—as long as they’re within the confines of that small legal text in the corner of the screen. Custom-made orthotics aren’t going to make Julienne fries, but we’ve...
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Quiz: Are You Foot Care Prepared?

Our office takes your foot care seriously, but that doesn’t mean we won’t take the opportunity to have some educational fun now and then. Some extra know-how when it comes to the feet of you and your family might just go a long way toward making good, healthy choices!...
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Now’s the Time to Take Care of Your Feet

We know it can take some time to recover from the holiday season. All the shopping, meals, family visits, concerts, events, office parties, and finally New Year’s Eve (when we frankly don’t mind falling asleep by 10 PM!). Once the New Year rolls around, you just want some serenity....
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The Danger of PAD and Diabetes

Some things go together well, like New Year’s Eve and a room full of loved ones. Whether you plan to spend the evening with comedian Tom Brady (not the NFL quarterback!), attend the Kid Kazooey Family Dance Party, or just have a traditional gathering at home, it will be...
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Get Moving to Pump Back Against PAD

The weather we’ve seen through the past couple months might make it a more favorable year than most, but it should still be a chilly time at the 12th Annual Bloomington Polar Bear Plunge on Jan. 1! Participants might feel like their blood is freezing solid, but a run...
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How Poor Circulation Affects Your Feet

Mary Poppins should be a pleasant performance to take the family to this season. It’s performing at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater from Dec. 18-23! Everyone’s favorite nanny knows how to make life better, and her friend Bert knew the importance of keeping a chimney passage clean from buildup. A narrow...
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