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Keeping Feet Aglow in Winter Months

We know: there’s already plenty to be done for the holidays before winter rolls around. You could have decorating, lights, family dinner planning… maybe you might even get the kids into their PJs and hop over to the Pajamborie! At Fountain Square mall Dec. 15. In all the coming...
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Taking Care of Feet in Your Golden Years

By the time you’ve reached your senior years, your feet have likely taken quite the journey. The average 80-year-old will have taken well over 200 million steps, and most assuredly not all of them were easy. Aging feet have born a lot of wear and weight through life, so...
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Thank Your Feet with Proper Diabetic Foot Care

The end of the year tends to be a season of gratitude; not only with Thanksgiving but in all of our other gatherings with friends and family as well. Something that might get forgotten in all the bustle are the things that get us to these warm gatherings. It’s...
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Is Surgery the Best Option for RA?

If you are looking for some new mittens or gloves for the coming winter, time is running out to pick up some locally crafted pairs at the By Hand Gallery. The gallery is showcasing warm apparel, also including scarves and hats, until Nov. 30. It’s a good way to...
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Rheumatoid Arthritis Toll from Toe to Ankle

The 27th Annual Indianapolis Jingle Bell Run/Walk is coming up on December 12th. It’s only a good hour away from Bloomington, and you still have time to plan your holiday costume, get jingle bells for your shoes, and help Rheuby the Reindeer have some holiday fun.* You’ll be supporting...
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The Inside Battle of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Thanksgiving is coming soon, and most who celebrate this day will have a warm, fulfilling meal with their families—some of whom they might not have seen all year! For some families with more strained ties, however, this holiday can turn into an evening of quarreling that leaves everyone feeling...
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What You Can Do to Shrink Your Cyst

It’s time for Bloomington to get ready for Halloween! After getting in the mood with the Festival of Ghost Stories Oct. 30, you can go out with your little ones on Oct. 31 to bring home a candy haul. If you’ve developed a bump on your foot that isn’t...
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Why Ganglion Cysts Form

It’s easy to look back on our ancestors and feel superior in our knowledge, but there are still plenty of things left for us to discover and understand. We only recently learned that our space neighbor Mars contains liquid water; now we need to learn more about where it...
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How to Tell if Your Lump is a Cyst

Sometimes what looks like a common object can be something unexpected. What looks like a plain vest, for example, can help hearing-impaired people understand words. This invention and many other cutting edge materials will be the showcase of “Real Life Science” Materials Science” at WonderLab on Oct. 25. If...
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When Surgery Could Help Foot Drop

Mobility is a crucial element of freedom for many of us, and we will struggle against anything that tries to impede it. This makes a condition such as foot drop, which affects the ability to lift the front of the foot, especially frustrating or terrifying. In our human...
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