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Exercises for Foot Drop Weakness

If you love seeing happy pets bounding about their forever homes, then you might want to consider supporting the Run for the Animals this Oct. 4 at Woolery Mill. This 5K run/walk and 1-mile dog walk helps support the Monroe Country Human Association. If foot drop interferes with your...
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Top Treatments for Drop Foot Problems

Treatment for foot drop isn’t easy to package into one neat box. A number of underlying problems can be responsible for a decrease in mobility and sensation in the foot, and a full treatment plan will often be somewhat dictated by which cause is discovered. This is not...
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Can’t Lift Your Foot? Might be Foot Drop

We move our feet so often every day that we sometimes take the complexity of the act for granted. It’s such an everyday phrase for us, like saying how Tony Bennett’s performance at Indiana University Auditorium on Sept. 20 will really “get your feet moving.” But what if you...
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Stretches for Painful Heels

If a sharp jolt of heel pain greets you now and then—and especially in the morning—you are not alone. Painful heels are common complaint, and plantar fasciitis is the number one cause. The stress of repetitive actions such as those found in running or added pressure from weight...
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Worst Shoes for Uncomfortable Heels

Life can be full of choices that must be weighed against each other. Should you sleep in or commit to a morning run? Should you sample more of the food at the annual Bloomington Garlic Fest or deodorize for that night’s date? Or (and you might have seen this...
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Tips for Treating Your Plantar Fasciitis

Residents of Bloomington and the surrounding area will be meeting in the Chase Bank Drive Through parking lot Sept. 12. It’s not to break the Guinness World Record for most people making a deposit at the same time, but to start off the Bloomington 5K Breakaway run and walk!...
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You Can Prevent Some Heel Pain

If you want an excuse to get out for a bit, it’s hard to go wrong with The Chocolate Moose and their Food Truck Fridays. There are always a good number of trucks in attendance, as well as some fun performances and entertainment on the side. Now, touring food...
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Identifying Your Source of Heel Pain

You can kick up your heels at Player’s Pub just about any night of the week, with a variety of acts spanning jazz to rock. Of course, you might not want to do much of anything with your heels if you find yourself often dealing with sharp or aching...
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Returning to Sports after a Metatarsal Fracture

When you hear about a break on the field, you always want it to be from a huddle, not in your foot. If you have experienced a metatarsal fracture, however, you’re definitely going to be off your feet for a while. Many athletes can’t wait to get moving...
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Home Remedies for Aching Feet

Perhaps you’ve resolved to start running Bloomington’s trails in preparation for a 5K, or maybe you had it in yourself to show the kids just how you footed the soccer ball around the field in college. Either way, you might have hit the activity a bit too hard,...
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