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Nerve Conditions Archives - Kevin J. Powers, DPM

Pinched Nerve Prevention Tips

pinched nerveYou might get pinched to grow an inch, or to ensure that you’re not dreaming, but when a nerve gets pinched, the only thing that grows is the pain and tingling feelings, which can definitely become a...
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Numbness in Feet: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You

If you have diabetes, you know that you need to keep your blood sugar in check. You know you need to eat right and maintain a healthy weight. Hopefully, you also know to look over your feet every day. However, if you are experiencing numbness in your feet...
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What is Neuropathy?

Nerves play an integral role in foot health!We treat patients for many different conditions, but one of the most concerning is nerve damage in feet. Neuropathy is a condition wherein your...
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How Poor Circulation Affects Your Feet

Mary Poppins should be a pleasant performance to take the family to this season. It’s performing at the Buskirk-Chumley Theater from Dec. 18-23! Everyone’s favorite nanny knows how to make life better, and her friend Bert knew the importance of keeping a chimney passage clean from buildup. A narrow...
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Recovering From Nerve Surgery

As part of Indiana’s Severe Weather Preparedness Week, all 43 Monroe County tornado sirens were tested on March 19. Obviously, this was done with weather in mind, but it got us thinking about the body’s natural warning systems. Your nervous system is a remarkable network that alerts your brain...
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Finding Relief with Nerve Surgery

Small things can make a world of difference. You and your children can find out for yourself at the free “NanoDays: Small Science, Big Fun” event at the WonderLab Museum on April 4, 2015. See the very, very tiny things that make up the world around us, and why...
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Calm Your Nerve Pain at Washington Clinic

When you have neuropathy, your feet and legs are often the sufferers. That tingling, burning sensation can drive you wild, and the sharp, stabbing pains can almost bring you to your knees. If this describes you, isn’t it time you get the help you need? Our office is...
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Neuropathy Treatments You Can Do at Home

Neuropathy is so boring! No, we really mean it. Pain from this nerve problem in your feet can leave you with a dull, aching, burning, and numb sensation that’s hard to relieve. However, this discomfort may also make you feel boring—it can keep you from smiling, starting a new...
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5 Tips for Relieving Morton’s Neuroma Pain

If you love track and field, you may be missing the announcer saying “last call, 500 meter run” or hearing the crack of the starting pistol… unless you come out to watch the indoor Hoosier Open at Gladstein Fieldhouse on Friday, December 12! If you are missing your own...
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8 Ways to Keep Exercising with Neuropathy

Keep exercising with neuropathy, because even though you may feel like the pain is too bad—or you’ve just stuffed yourself with, what feels like, the entire Thanksgiving turkey—the motion will improve circulation, stimulate your nerves, and may help reduce pain and...
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